Hair & Make-Up


Disciplining your favourite hairdo or maybe arranging a new image and needing advice from a stylist? Regeneration of damaged hair or a quick styling? In Hair & Beauty ROMAN in Cracow we offer a full range of hairdressing services – from basic treatments to complicated, technical ones. We pride in solid skills, built over many years, and at the same time we look for constant development, track the most recent trends and travel around the world in search for inspiration among the best hairstylists. We believe that a perfect hairdo is a combination of a flawless technique, imagination, creativity and experience – characteristics that can be found in all our team members.



Good make-up is an art. There are no universal make-ups, just as there are no two identical faces. Bringing out natural beauty and hiding tiny flaws is something different from changing one’s face and giving it a specific style. In Hair & Beauty ROMAN we invite you to take advantage of a full range of make-up services, from daily make-up, through evening and wedding stylisations, to artistic make-up. We entrust you to the hands of experienced make-up artists, who not only have a big knowledge, but also a great perception and a creative mind.