Balmain Hair


Balmain is a luxury fashion brand available on five continents and in over 50 countries. The company owns a licence granted by the French Balmain fashion house which was established in the Fifties by the famous Pierre Balmain – an outstanding French Haute Couture designer, dressing numerous world-class celebrities and being known for his passion and love for beauty. Balmain fashion house is a symbol of elegance and exceptional style.

Balmain Hair is a brand established in 1975 and the first one to be granted licence by Balmain fashion house. Deriving inspiration from its propositions, the brand has followed the most recent hairstyling trends since 40 years and forged them into revolutionary solutions and high-class products. Balmain Hair prides in a strong position of a world leader in thickening and lengthening hair. The brand’s motto is: „Hair is an integral part of the fashion world”.



Système Volume is an exclusive brand by Balmain Hair. It is available only in salons carefully selected by Balmain itself. It is a specially designed system of comfortable and fast hair volume increase, lengthening and strengthening hair and thickening its ends. It is based on implanting hairstreaks into natural hair with the use of special volumisers and silk fastenings. The streaks are customised according the head shape, and their cylindrical form guarantees beautiful hairstyling. The effect of Système Volume treatments is a dense and natural hairdo, which styles itself beautifully. The change is instant and permanent. It helps to save time previously dedicated to styling the hairdo.

In Hair & Beauty ROMAN in Cracow, we offer five different Système Volume services:

  • Long-Lasting Volume
  • Risk-Free Colour
  • Thin Hair Treatment
  • Hair Loss Treatment
  • Glamour Treatment

We also offer a possibility to try out Système Volume for free – we implant a few streaks for trial and give the client some time to decide whether we implant the remaining streaks or take off the test sample.

More information on Système Volume can be found here.